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" A little place where you can go and stay there sometimes for lunch, or dinner for pleasure"

Giorgio Vasari


View of Ponzanello



As soon as we arrived in Ponzanello, in 1990, and saw this house built of stone, dated 1497, certainly modest and unpretentious but strongly characterized.

We decided to take care of a philological refurbishment, opening again the embrasures of this house that once could have been the ravelin of the castle.

La casa di Ponzanello

From what was once the squeegee chestnuts (the metato), the previous owners had made a separate apartment, topped by a a solarium / lookout.

During summer it is pleasant to relax in a courtyard under a bower of white, intensely scented Isabella grape, with a view on the Apuane Alps (Pizzo d’Uccello, Grondilice, Sagro).


Photo of Ponzanello in the past

Such a place inevitably became a resort for friends and acquaintances.


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