" A little place where you can go and stay there sometimes for lunch, or dinner for pleasure"

Giorgio Vasari

Eat and Drink

La cucina localeAs a restaurants around here do not missing, we prefer these for sympathy, since they value the local cuisine and value for money:

(note: always phone calls because they might be closed during the week or too full on weekends)

Around here

Restaurant  Bar  LA FRANCESINA   Fosdinovo  Via Cucco 14  Tel 0187 68922

Restaurant IL CUCCO    Fosdinovo Via Cucco  Tel 0187 68907

Restaurant IL FALCO  Fosdinovo  Loc. Piana di Coppino 446  tel 0187 680064

Restaurant EMILI   Fosdinovo    Fraz. Giucano Via Fontana 10 tel  0187 68895

Osteria BENACCI  Fosdinovo fraz. Canepari  Via Canepari   Tel 0187 62814

  Fosdinovo Loc. Pianaccia  tel. 0187 628141

In Sarzana

Bun – Gruel – Pizza

LA PIA   Via Mazzini 134    19038 Sarzana  tel 0187 620585

DA SILVIO   Via Marconi 14  19038 Sarzana  Tel 0187 620272

Trattoria   LA SCALETTA  Via Bradia 5  19038 Sarzana  Tel 0187 620585

In Carrara

Trattoria DA VITTORIO  Via Cavour  28  54033 Carrara  Tel 0585 71450

Circolo Arci  L’CONCASSER
Via S. Pietro 3 54033 Carrara  Tel 334 5967186 (It's a ARCI Club, it must be the card that can be done on site)

Pizzeria da CIRUZ
Via Apuana 1 D  Tel 0585 779306 (On the facade “Antico forno di Castagnacci di Onesti Angelo”)
Even take-away food, gruel, pizza, chestnut


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